Update on the Lohja toilet roll massacre

Yesterday I wrote about Matti Vanhanen's and Merikukka Forsius's Saturday night clash with a disgruntled voter thusly:

[The heckler] repeatedly called one the pair a drug addict based on thinness - take a guess which one that was.
I intended it as a rhetorical question, but I would have guessed wrong. Today's papers reveal that it was actually PM Matti, not MP Merikukka, who was the target of the man's jibes - because when you think of drug addiction, you think of Vanhanen. Merikukka, bless her, was just defending the Prime Minister, as any patriotic citizen would in that situation. Also, the mighty toilet roll of doom was her weapon of choice because she had used toilet paper to wipe blood from her injured friend's face. See how it's all coming together?

I know I should make some serious point about this, but the details are just too awesome.

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