Look back in anger

I was struck by BBC World's decision to cover a change of prime minister by showing footage of politicians walking in slow-motion, with the occasional cut to politicians waving to crowds, all the while Britpop plays in the background. The oh-so-nostalgic Blair retrospective got Oasis's "Don't Look Back in Anger" whereas the Brown career recap was played for laughs and had to make do with Franz Ferdinand's annoying "Do You Want To". I'm used to various sporting events inspiring broadcasters to put together music videos featuring the flashiest action and most important moments, but I guess the practice is seeping into politics.

I wonder, when Vanhanen's time in office ends, will we get footage of him blinking in slow-motion set to Nightwish's "Sleeping Sun"? God, I hope so. Of course this music-videofication will inevitably spread from (sort of) historic moments to far less momentous news events. In the future, whenever for example the Chancellor of Justice changes, your television channels will report the news by showing some footage of the old chancellor striding along a corridor while an emotionally uplifting tune plays. You may protest now, but in your heart you know you wanted to see Paavo Nikula strolling, slowed down and set to Rihanna's "Umbrella".

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