Russia proposes wood duty solution

According to (fi) European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, the subject of Russia's plan to rise wood export duties prohibitively high dominated the trade policy talks at the EU-Russia summit. Russia seeks to tie the export duties to its entry into the World Trade Organization. Russia says the export duties will return to normal once it has been accepted as a member whereas the EU has agreed to support Russia's membership only on the condition that such trade barriers don't exist.

In essence Russia is saying to the EU, "You go first," to which the EU responds, "No, you go first." We can only hope that eventually some diplomat extraordinaire will suggest, "Hey, what if we both go at the same time?" It's a crazy idea, but it just might work.


egan said...

Who owns the forests that currently sell lumber to Finland? I'm guessing it's not anyone important.

Ari said...

I believe your guess is correct. I mentioned a related theory at the end of this post.

egan said...


"I'd credit the author but I forgot where I read it"