Limits of prime minister's privacy

Just when you thought you had heard the last of Susan and Matti, the two-headed tabloid beast comes roaring back:

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen says he is ready to go to court to defend the principle of privacy. His former girlfriend Susan Ruusunen (formerly Kuronen) and her publisher Kari Ojala are being charged with violation of privacy for a kiss-and-tell exposé.


Vanhanen filed a complaint against the publisher with police, who then investigated the case to see if there was cause for charges to be filed. Last week the public prosecutor announced that both the publisher and Ruusunen would be brought up on charges.

I don't know if Ruusunen and Ojala will be acquitted, but they should be. Tackiness is no crime, even if it takes the form of trying to make a buck by telling everyone who will listen about your relationship with another person. Saying truthful things about your own life shouldn't be off-limits.

As for Vanhanen, his stated reasons for going to court are a tad passive-aggressive. He wouldn't be trying to find the limits of his privacy if he didn't think that his privacy had been violated.

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Thor said...

Although PM Vanhanen cannot manage his own sex life without embarrassing and re-embarrassing himself in front of the world, hopefully he finds comfort in the fact that his party nevertheless trusts him to lead the government of a small country. Ridicule here.