Mark of true friendship

Today's Ilta-Sanomat reached greatness with a courtroom story (fi) that illustrates what's truly important in life - friends. I'll translate:

Axe blows to the head strengthened friendship

The friendship between a group of men who for decades have occasionally clashed hard isn't dented even by axe blows to the head. This was concluded in the Lahti district court after a court session during which those on the receiving end and the axe-wielder got along famously in the court room.

The men considered the clash as merely strengthening their friendship

[The perp got a suspended sentence.]

The court considered a mitigating circumstance that everyone involved in the quarrel was very drunk. During preliminary investigation one of the men recalled nothing of the events.

The assaults occurred last May in a house in Nastola. The group had been drinking and taking sauna baths vigorously.

During an altercation after sauna, a man in his forties fetched from upstairs next to his bed a Fiskars axe which he always keeps at bedside.

He hit the house's 50-year old owner, whose tenant he is, two to three times on the head with the sharp end of the axe. He hit another man on the back of the hand.

The axe victims demanded no compensation for pain or cosmetic injuries, because according to them there wasn't anything special about the event.

The court ordered the axe to be confiscated by the state.

With thanks to Aapo for pointing me to the article.

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