Kimi Kimi Kimi the super pilot!

This was the best ending to a F1 season I can remember. The last three GPs were wonderfully entertaining - tense, dramatic, and packed with reversals of fortune. And there was even a happy ending. (It's a shame that the live TV coverage was on a pay channel that few get to watch.)

While I'm at it, fair play to Fernando Alonso fans for seeing the bright side in their favorite's third place:

Fans of Fernando Alonso danced in the fountains of his hometown last night to celebrate Lewis Hamilton's failure to win the Formula One drivers' championship in Brazil.

"Hamilton did not win, that's the main thing," said one Alonso supporter before plunging into the fountain of the main square in Oviedo.


Somewhere there's an advertising executive cratching his chin: "What can they have against Hamilton? He's so handsome and well-spoken and young and talented. Savior of F1! Bigger than Tiger Woods! Everyone loves Our Lewis. And just look at the grace with which he wears that TAG Heuer watch!"


egan said...

I think of Hamilton's endorsements, and the only Räikkönen equivalent that springs to mind is the massive mural on the wall of the 'VIP' area in Semafori, Tampere's cheapest bar.

egan said...

I think that is a good thing, in case anybody is unsure.

Aapo said...

Well said, both of you.

In my own case, it's this stink of siege mentality that made me feel so mischievous on Sunday. The British are trying to save the world, or F1, and everybody just hates them. How odd!

Correspondingly, the best thing about this Formula Uno season was the fact that a British constructor cheated by spying on its Italian counterpart, but the Italian managed to win at the end. Unlike fair play, crime never pays etc.