Halonen on global welfare

Speaking of our supreme leader, on Wednesday she got to hold forth on one of her favorite topics, globalization's impact on welfare, in the Guardian's Comment is free section. Aside from promoting Finland at length - did you know that our economy is growing at a fair clip and our schools are reputed to be quite good? - the President's main argument was that we should all come together to make things fairer.

Here's Halonen's short, non-exhaustive list of things we must do:

  • "We must seek a balance that ensures that migration benefits not only the receiving countries, but the countries of origin, and above all the migrants themselves."
  • "Our collective aim must be to ensure productive employment and decent work for all - in line with the UN goal - while striving for a balance between jobs and growth, social cohesion and economic dynamism, as well as utilisation of natural resources and environmental sustainability."
  • "The global community must achieve a consensus on how to proceed after the commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012."
  • "[T]he Doha round must be concluded soon, with a fair agreement that takes into account the huge variety of member states in the WTO."

In short, countries must come to some undefined agreement on issues on which they're rather unlikely to agree.

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