Yes, I love polls

MTV3 has released (fi) Research International's latest poll:

Centre Party 23.4
National Coalition Party 23.3
Social Democratic Party 20.8
Green League 9.6
Left Alliance 9.0
Christian Democrats 5.0
True Finns 4.4
Swedish People's Party 4.1
The Centre is at the top after two second places, but the Coalition is essentially tied for the lead. The Greens are also doing rather well, so although the Swedish PP is slumping somewhat, the government parties together poll at a healthy 60.4 percent. The Social Democrats' doldrums continue with another poor-for-them result, but the Left Alliance is up for a change.

In other polling news (fi), Suomen Kuvalehti reports that nuclear energy is more popular than ever in Finland. In a poll conducted by Taloustutkimus, 57 percent of respondents favored increasing the use of nuclear energy, with 35 percent opposed. 80 percent of Coalition supporters are in favor, but even among Green supporters 30 percent are fine with more nuclear energy.

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