They get letters

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has sent a letter to Finnish Foreign Minister Ilkka Kanerva re the Estonian statue brouhaha. Hans Schumacher, the German ambassador to Finland, characterized the contents of said letter as "rather stern".

Before you read too much into it, be advised that the same letter was also sent to a bunch of other EU countries, including Germany and France. It was not, I think we can safely conclude, inspired by anything Kanerva has said.

There's no word on just how harsh Kanerva considered the letter's wording to be, but he did describe it thusly:

Mr Kanerva told STT that the letter mostly contained an account of how Russia had experienced the row with Estonia over the moving of a Soviet war memorial in Tallinn. Mr Lavrov also hoped in the letter that EU foreign ministers could make Russia's views known in Tallinn.

Mr Kanerva added the letter did not contain anything else of importance.
So apparently Lavrov didn't suggest military consultations, which is always a plus.

Update: Estonian daily Eesti Paevaleht got hold of the letter and published it. Quotes are available here. I'll comment more later.

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