Right-wing parties enjoy a post-election boost

Helsingin Sanomat released a new poll (fi) by Suomen Gallup that supports the trends seen in the recent Taloustutkimus poll:

National Coalition Party 23.3%
Centre Party 22.8%
Social Democratic Party 21.1%
Green League 8.9%
Left Alliance 8.4%
True Finns 4.9%
Christian Democrats 4.5%
Swedish People's Party 4.3%
The Coalition has never before ranked first in Suomen Gallup polls. The True Finns haven't been this high since they were called the Finnish Rural Party. The two traditional left-wing parties combine for 29.5 percent, which is an abysmal result. Even if we include the Green League included, the left is at 37.9 percent. The government parties have 59.3 percent of the support, compared to the 58.5 percent in the election.

The article warns that it's customary for parties that did well in the election to receive a temporary boost in support. It says that the effect should dissipate during the summer. We'll see.

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