Bronze Soldier polls

I know I've posted a lot on the Estonian statue controversy, but I'm a sucker for polls, so here we go again.

In a recent poll (fi), 54 percent of Russians supported economic sanctions against Estonia and 74 percent considered Estonia a hostile nation. However, only seven percent agreed that Estonian authorities were supporting fascism. Considering how prominent that theme is in the comments from Russian politicians, the number can be considered quite low. One percent supported war against Estonia and four percent wanted to close the Russian-Estonian border, so I guess that's something.

In Finland, public opinion is just the opposite. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) released a poll (fi) according to which a majestic four percent of Finns think Russia has acted correctly in the statue controversy. 73 percent disagree with Russia's actions and 24 percent don't have an opinion. With regard to Estonia, 51 percent think Estonia has acted correctly, 23 percent disagree, and 27 percent can't say.

Of special interest to political junkies are the party figures (fi). National Coalition Party supporters most clearly side with Estonia, Left Alliance supporters are more critical of both Russia and Estonia than average whereas Social Democratic Party supporters are more positive, and Centre Party voters pretty much reproduce the national average.

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