Not everything on the Internet is true

While advocating for age limits on "some Internet sites" (how would that work?), Interior Minister Anne Holmlund makes some good points.

"Studies say children and young people use the internet on a daily basis."

It's a good thing studies say that, because how would you otherwise know it to be true?
"It is especially important for children and young people to learn that not everything on the internet is true."

Consider yourself educated, young people.


Aapo said...

Excellent job, Ari. Me and boys had an ale-prompted argument one night about whether it is normal for civilised people to use "LOL" (or "LOL!") as part of their written interactions. I argued that "LOL" (or "LOL!") is a sign of silliness and that civilised people shouldn't be using it.

Since I happened to lose my interest in listening before getting any actual response, I've been lately trying very hard to illustrate my point. This post will be serving my purpose. It would be much, much worse with a partypooping "LOL" (or "LOL!") as its conclusion.

Ari said...

I'm on your side on this one. I think "LOL" is defensible in live chat, if only barely. In the context of a blog post, however, people who use the term should have no place in civilized society. The offense is particularly egregious when a writer lets it be known that he laughed out loud at his own joke.