Halonen's New Year's speech

In the remote chance that you didn't the President's traditional New Year's speech, you can find the text (fi) on-line. A translation is probably in the works. If so, it'll be posted here. In the meantime, here's my summary:

"Things have been nice and peaceful lately. It's a shame about Jokela, though.

"Still, public welfare services rock, because they keep you safe. Social equality rocks, too, but sadly nowadays some people make less money than others.

"You know what else is nice? Comprehensive income agreements. I mean, just think about this autumn's quarrels. I hear some people want to make some reforms here.

"Everyone should do something about climate change, including us. Also, the Baltic Sea is a bit polluted. Come on, Baltic Sea peoples, let's work together here.

"How about that Mikael Agricola, eh? Not that everyone speaks Finnish.

"There are Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Finland, and I've been talking to all three. Talking is good.

"I met an Afghan immigrant girl. She said she likes it here, probably due to the peace.

"Big ups to our soldiers serving abroad.

"We'll be chairing OSCE next year. The whole thing was Kekkonen's idea, need I remind you.

"We had a parliamentary election in 2007. In 2008 we'll hold municipal elections. Municipalities offer welfare services. Please vote, 'cause elections matter.

"Thanks for everything. Peace out."

What a wonderful tradition.

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