Stasi again

Helsingin Sanomat reports (fi) that the Supreme Police Command is to inspect the Security Police's Stasi material. By the sound of things, the inspection will focus on how the Security Police used the information at its disposal in its investigations.

That's good in itself, but it doesn't really address the main issue in the Rosenholz affair. Let's face it: the material isn't terribly important. Similar information on KGB activities in Finland would be a different matter, but these Stasi operations are small time in comparison.

The main issue, as I see it, is that the government told the Security Police to do something, which then wasn't done. The big question is why not. Did the Security Police behave correctly? If it should have acted differently, was the mistake intentional?

PS: How come Swedish Stasi informants get BBC coverage whereas Finnish ones have to make do with local media attention? Damned Swedes...

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