NRF debate

Helsingin Sanomat's Tanja Aitamurto gave a pretty good account of the debate over Finnish participation in the NATO Reaction Force. She closes the article with a plea for decision-makers to say something already:

There has been hardly any debate with any real vision. Of the large parties, only the National Coalition has tried to arouse debate with its clear stands on the NRF. The Centre and the Social Democratic parties have settled for their vague "let's wait and see, no hurry" arguments.

[Foreign Minister] Kanerva has again challenged other parties to express their views on participation in the NRF forces. Might someone now stand up to the challenge and answer yes or no - clearly, publicly, and possibly even giving good reasons - to the wooing of the NRF?

Well, it's important to understand that we can stand up at any time or, indeed, not stand up at all if we so choose, so we should carefully weigh our options. We should be fully aware of what we're getting into with regard to standing-up-related activities. It is my unequivocal position we must consider all available courses of action and make the appropriate decision in due time.

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