Blogging is hard, politicians find

Helsingin Sanomat surveyed (fi) Finnish top politicians' blogs for signs of life and found precious few posts after the election. It's shocking, I know.

Prime Minister and Centre Party leader Matti Vanhanen (all linked blogs are in Finnish) and main opposition leader Eero Heinäluoma of the Social Democratic Party have made a few entries; both vaguely hinted at writing more in the future. Finance Minister and National Coalition Party leader Jyrki Katainen has posted only one entry in his blog since the election.

The most popular politician's blog belongs to Green League MP Jyrki Kasvi. Other notable politicians who update their blogs frequently include Christian Democratic party leader Päivi Räsänen and Social Democratic former Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. Coalition MEP Alexander Stubb isn't mentioned in the article, but I'd add him to that group.

HS also compiled a list (fi) of the most read blogs written by politicians based on the rankings at Blogilista. Here's the top five:

1. Kasvi
2. Tuomioja
3. Oras Tynkkynen (Green MP)
4. Vanhanen
5. Heidi Hautala (Green MP)

One thing politicians could easily do to improve their blogs is to have their tech people set up RSS feeds. Kasvi, Stubb, Tynkkynen, and Hautala have them, but the rest don't. Feeds would be especially useful for blogs that are updated rarely.

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