Naming more names

The Centre Party chose its ministers (fi) today. Matti Vanhanen will of course be the Prime Minister. Paavo Väyrynen, who is an ass, was surprisingly nominated as the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development. Väyrynen defeated Antti Kaikkonen in a close vote. Another extreme Centrist Mauri Pekkarinen expectedly landed the new "super ministry" and will become the Minister of Trade and Industry. A third veteran, Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, will become the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. Of the Centre's rising stars, Mari Kiviniemi was nominated for the Minister of Municipal and Administrative Affairs and Anu Vehviläinen ended up as the Minister of Transport. The Minister of Social Affairs and Health will be the conservative Liisa Hyssälä. Paula Lehtomäki, who was rumored to receive a weightier post, will become the Minister of the Environment. After the election Lehtomäki announced that she is pregnant. Kimmo Tiilikainen will fill in for her while she's on maternity leave.

The Green League announced their ministers last night. Tuija Brax, one of the party's experts in legal matters, was picked as the Minister of Justice. Heidi Hautala challenged party leader Tarja Cronberg for the labour portfolio, but Cronberg was voted the Greens' candidate for Minister of Labour. Since both the Greens and the Centre more women than men (although the Centre's posts will be tied during Lehtomäki's leave), the new Cabinet will have a female majority, which I think is much cooler than the usual 50%-50% split.

The National Coalition Party and Swedish People's Party minister lists can be found here.

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