French election machine

For the lovers of election machines, now there's one on the French presidential election (fr). It's pretty rudimentary compared to the Finnish ones with which you may be familiar, but it still passes the time. I don't speak French, but by using Altavista's Babelfish translator, I managed to answer the questions. However, I must have misunderstood some questions or the damned thing isn't very well designed, because it recommended to me - drum roll, please - Marie-George Buffet of the Communist Party of France! After Marie-George at 48 percent, Socialist Ségolène Royal (44%) and Green Dominique Voynet (40%) followed. The main right-wing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and the centrist François Bayrou, the candidates I expected it to spit out first, were tied for fourth with 36 percent.

Apparently I'm just a move to France away from becoming a communist. It's quite distressing.

A few English language blogs on the event:

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