Kind of bad news from Finland

The Bad News from Finland blog (and others like it) has a mission:

News coverage from Israel in much of the media is frequently a parody of honest journalism as defined by the 'Code of Ethics' guidelines of the profession. In order to expose the frequent distortion of news by a number of Finnish journalists, “Bad News from Finland” has been created. It focuses on negative news items from Finland. Yet it is much more honest than what these correspondents report. This blog only provides true facts and states clearly that it states negative facts only. It shows that by using real news stories without context, one can make any country look bad.

It doesn't really work, though, when the stories are things like Finland being sixth on a global competitiveness list on the theory that at least it's worse than being number one. That doesn't make the country look bad, no matter how much context you leave out.

Further, the kind of stuff the blog has so far focused on tends to go unreported in international media in the case of Israel, also. Israel came in 17th in the global competitiveness index and dropped three places. As far as I can tell, those facts weren't mentioned by the unnamed correspondents the blog seeks to parody.

In general, to show that you can act in a biased manner doesn't prove that someone else is biased. The blog would make a much better case for its central claim if it actually named the journalists it thinks are biased and analyzed their work. As it currently operates, it's not reaching its stated goal of exposing media distortion.

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