Dmitri Medvedev, next president of Russia

I see good ol' Vladimir Putin has named Russia's next president. The lucky winner is First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, whom I liken to a doe-eyed Ville Itälä to Putin's Sauli Niinistö.

Of the leading candidates, Sergei Ivanov is another old KGB hand with all that it entails; Medvedev is a lawyer who rose to his current position through the ranks of St Petersburg bureaucracy. Ivanov is connected to the intelligence agency FSB; Medvedev is connected to the giant gas company Gazprom. Ivanov has overseen the military's rearmament; Medvedev has overseen housing and education programs.

In short, while it would be too optimistic to expect this selection to change Russia's course, the signal it sends could have been worse.


egan said...

This article on Ivanov is quite interesting. I think Medvedev is easy to elbow aside, whereas Ivanov might be more formidable if Putin were to decide he wanted to be president again.

Anonymous said...

Dmitry Medvedev
seems a good candidate as he is forward looking but opinion is definately divided already judging by the newspaper writers and pundits with the UK backing him and the US unsure.

Anonymous said...

Dmitry Medvedev says he will resign from state owned Gazprom if elected. Do you think he will then have no control over the company at all?
Dmitry Medvedev