Tanks for the memories even if they weren't so great

When a Hummer just isn't big enough, the Finnish military has you covered:

The Finnish Defence Forces attracted buyers from across the world when it auctioned about 20 decommissioned armoured vehicles at a depot in Ruovesi.

[...] All three Sturmgeschätz vehicles fetched more than 100,000 euros.

[...] Most of the tanks sold on Tuesday were British-made Charioteers and Comets, most of which were bought by Finland in the 1950s.

Olli Toivonen from the Finnish capital region got his hands on a Charioteer for 8,200 euros.

In possibly related news, the Ministry of Finance is working on car tax reform:
Currently most car owners pay a vehicle tax of 130 euros a year. Under the planned model, the owner of a small car with low emissions would pay 50 euros.

The fee for cars with a 1.6 litre engine would be 100 euros, for a two-litre diesel engine it would be 85 euros; an urban SUV would be somewhat more expensive. The owner of a four-wheel drive SUV with a large petrol engine would be hit with an annual 325 euro car tax.

I assume a tank would fall in a similar tax bracket.

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