Vanhanen on Rosenholz

Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen (Centre Party) has been defending the Security Police (Supo) pretty strongly over the Rosenholz affair. Quoth Vanhanen in Aamulehti (fi) and Helsingin Sanomat (fi):

"It's probably good to have a discussion on this matter inside the government if there's a need. I however stress strongly that the Security Police, whose job is to handle essential national security issues, must have a right to secret information. All information that officials have isn't meant for publicity."

"The Ministry of the Interior supervises, and the Ministry acts as responsible to the Parliament. We have a new, competent Interior Minister. This isn't down to supervision."

"Now that Supo gets new leadership, its natural task is to see how Supo could advance history writing while taking into account its commitments."

Ilkka Salmi, an aide to Interior Minister Anne Holmlund, has been tipped (fi) to become the next Supo chief. Salmi is a reasonable appointment in that he has relevant experience from working in Supo. However, if the new Supo leader is tasked with getting to the bottom of the Rosenholz affair, then the Interior Minister's former aide may not make the most credible source for an exculpatory verdict.

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